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Vivaldi Process2Flow

Combines our knowledge and experience, and that of more than 400 customers in a ready-to-use application for any standard like: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 17025, BRC, GMP, HACCP, ISO/TS… Using the intuitive workflow engine you easily manage your company processes. Development skills are not required to design new or modify existing forms. The software creates the necessary tables and fields in the database.  

In Vivaldi Process2Flow


1. By means of colour coding, you can see at what stage you are in the process at a glance. 

2. You can choose the layout of the columns in order to display all the relevant data and group them at various levels. 

3. Find the process you are looking for very quickly, thanks to the powerful search engine. Define different search filters using all your process data. For the most common file formats, you can even search the contents of attachments. 

4. Due to the graphical representation of a process using the BMPN notation, you have a quick overview on the progress of a specific registration at any time. Thanks to the horizontal ‘swim lanes’ and the colour coding, you immediately know who has done what, what still has to be done by whom and whether it happened within the deadline. So everyone has, within limits of the allocated rights, access to the necessary information, even when colleagues are not available. 

5. Let the user select what next steps of the process should be started during the workflow or even automate your processes using conditional expressions 

6. In each step of the process, you can select what fields will be visible, what fields are read only or editable, and what fields are mandatory. This way all required information is filled out while certain sensitive data will not be visible to everyone and information is protected against accidental deletion. 

7. Define the name of the step, the executor (user or function) and the deadline in a very intuitive way. Determine whether or not returning to previous steps in the process is allowed. 

8. Determine for each step how the next step(s) in the process should be started: manually by the user or automatically by the system. You can configure a notification text the executor(s) of the step(s) will receive in their task list. This text can optionally be sent via email. 

9. After completing a step, you can notify people internal or external to the organization using personalized messages. 

10. Define fixed costs when executing a step. This way, you are able to meticulously monitor the cost of each process. 

11. Using the optional Vivaldi Reminder Agent for Actions & Tasks, you can define reminder mails for each step of the flow.

This optional service allows you to link custom-built forms on your website or intranet to Process2Flow.

1. Design your own forms using our intuitive ‘Form Designer’. A wizard allows you to add fields, predefined as well as custom-built fields to the form. You can also add new fields to a form using ‘drag&drop’.

2. Using the list of field properties you can define properties for the selected item such as name, label, font, default, minimum and maximum value…

3. You can define tables yourself containing basic data you want to be available such as customers, suppliers, departments, articles, resources, staff, outstanding orders… This basic information can be used on any form of a process. These tables can be managed manually within Process2Flow or you can set up a live link to or an automatic synchronisation with another application like CRM or ERP.

4. By default Vivaldi Process2Flow provides ample powerful and instructive analysis and built-in statistics:

• Evolution graphs on quantity or on total cost of processes

• Pareto analysis

• Process performance: run time of a process as well as each individual step within a process.

5. In no time you can create advanced and neatly developed reports in PDF or MS Word.

6. You can combine statistical results from Process2Flow and your ERP or CRM using external tools like MS SQL Reporting Services (using ODBC) or accustomed MS Office tools like Excel or accustomed MS Office tools like Excel or Access. 

Process2Flow Search function 

The search filter allows you to conduct a search on all available fields. Retrieve your records quickly from (part of) the description or the name of the customer or contact. Display only certain types of records, for example only customer complaints or internal defects.

You can create and store an unlimited number of preset filters by specifying which standard fields should be included in the filter. You can also store default search values for specific fields.


Can replace dozens of different applications and various Excel and Access files. Let your imagination run wild and utilize Process2Flow to handle more of your company processes every day.

Workflow software for quality management and regulatory compliance: customer complaints, supplier complaints, deviations, incidents, CAPA, audits and much more. To get you started quickly, we provide a database that already contains a number of standard quality management processes. These standard processes can be modified to mimic your company processes. You can even create an unlimited number of additional process types on your own or with help from one of our Vivaldi Software professionals.

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