Vivaldi Training Manager

   Vivaldi Training Manager 5.0

Vivaldi Training Manager 

Enables you to list and control all data on training and skills, fully conform to the regulations of the ISO9001:2008 standard. You can easily add and edit all training data and process them in user-friendly way. All data is linked to users and the organizational chart so that everything is neatly integrated.

Good competence management starts by defining all competences in your organization. Define your own system of competence degrees by means of a description, colour coding and ranking. Link the acquired skills to each employee along with their degree of competence. You can combine functions with required skills as well as determine what degree of competence can be achieved. Using the built-in statistics you can find the most appropriate person for a specific function.  Discover the extent of your competences throughout your organization.

Electronic assessment 

In Vivaldi Training Manager, all courses can be assessed electronically by the course delegates after completion of their training. The course participants can be assessed by the responsible of the training session. For each course you can determine who should assess (the responsible and/or students), the type of assessment (normal or ‘on the fly’) and the maximum score.

1. Ensure overview and control by adding your training in a easily viewable tree structure.

2. For each individual training course, you can schedule multiple sessions consisting of multiple lessons.

3. Per training and per session you have all the required information available to keep the necessary data structured: name, location, tutor, evaluation type, responsible, costs, attachments, required and available training…

4. Vivaldi Training Manager provides the necessary reporting to easily retrieve the following information from the system:

• Who has taken what training?

• Who has to take what training?

• How much of the training budget is still available?

• What are the scores for the training and for the delegates?

5. All courses can be linked to functions or departments of the organization chart.

6. On the training calendar, you have an overview of when and what training will take place. Users can subscribe by using the Web interface.

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