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Rinamar is the official distributor for Bulgaria of the leading document control and process software suite - Vivaldi Software

The software is especially suited for quality control management and ISO registered enterprises. It is designed around best practices in ISO document and process management, and supports powerful functionality out of the box!

The software consists of 3 key modules: Document control, Process2Flow and Training manager.


Document control is a key module and contains information about the documentation structure of the company. This may include all ISO based documents, but also all other documents which are part of the document structure of the company.

The module supports detailed rights for users and positions, which can be applied on directories or specific files. It supports revisions, approvals, corrections, past, current and versions in progress, it also has full revision and statistics support.

  • Checked Simple, centralized management of manuals, procedures, work instructions, documents...
  • Checked Complies with various international regulations and standards: ISO 9001, FDA, GMP...
  • Checked Installs on your own server or in a Cloud (Saas)
  • Checked Super fast installation: ready to use in just one work day


Another key module is Process2Flow (P2F) module. It contains advanced functionality for modelling processes and can be used to create both simple and complex designs. The modeller is based on BPMN, which is industry standard modelling language.

The processes can be executed as stand alone or can be linked with other systems, each process can have different forms and can contain different attached files.

All attached documents are stored securely in the database structure, and not on a file system which improves security and simplifies support.

  • Checked Simple, centralized management of customer complaints, supplier complaints, audits, incidents, audits, CAPA...
  • Checked Complies with international standards: ISO 9001, CFR 21 Part 11 (FDA), GMP, ISO 14001, ISO/TS etc.


The last key module in the system is the Training Manager. The software is used to model trainings, training sessions with information about trainers, costs, attendees, and training calendar. The software also supports competencies and competition matrix, which can be used to match positions to people skills.

The system also has several other modules, which are very useful. The administrative module allow for adding users, configuring rights, managing portfolio of documents, managing processes, etc.

Action&Tasks module is integrated with the three main modules and allows for monitoring tasks and progress of processes in which the user is part. Organization structure is a module that allows for detailed organization design with department, positions and roles. Each person can then be associated with one or more roles, and the rights of the user are the combined rights of the roles that he or she is assigned to.

In general Vivaldi is an extensive group of applications, which can be very useful both for ISO registered organizations, and for companies with no ISO but specific needs in document control, process management and organizational structure design.

Part of the companies which use Vivaldi Software solutions:

8 top reasons to choose Vivaldi Software

1. Access to expertise and best practices

Vivaldi Software has more than 17 years of experience with Quality Management software and software for Regulatory Compliance. Modifications and improvements to our software are the result of daily interaction with a customer portfolio that includes more than 400 implementations and through continuous monitoring of the evolution of various standards and norms by our auditors and consultants. Over 70% of all the improvement ideas implemented in one of the three updates released annually come from our customers.

2. Scalable, safe and robust software platform

The Vivaldi Quality Management software is used both by SMEs as well as organizations with more than 1,000 employees. It uses MS SQL Server database platform – a worldwide standard known for its power, reliability and security. As a member of the Microsoft Partner Network, Vivaldi Software develops its systems in accordance with the development standards and recommendations, and using the various development tools and technologies, Microsoft puts forward as "best practices."

3. Continuity and availability

Vivaldi Software is never ill or on holiday. In contrast to your internal employees or freelance developers, Vivaldi Software guarantees year-round availability of its developers and helpdesk employees during business hours. We are a global company with offices all over the world and can serve you locally.

4. Faster, smoother implementation

Vivaldi software can be put into use quickly. You can start working with the Document Management or Training Management system on the same day the installation (On-Premises version) or activation (SaaS version) takes place. The standard database including the processes developed for customer complaints, supplier complaints, internal deviations and improvement actions ensures you can get working with the extremely flexible Process2Flow-module in no time at all.

5. Broad functionality and flexibility

In addition to the standard delivered quality management processes, you can also use the Document Control or Process2Flow modules to manage other processes or documents perfectly.

6. Retain your existing documents and data

Your existing documents and documentation in MS Word, MS Excel, MS Visio or other file formats can be easily imported into the Document Management module. Furthermore, your complaint history, customer or product details and/or other historical data can also be imported into the Process2Flow module.

7. Reduced burden on internal ICT resources

Your internal process owners can, autonomously or with help from our employees, maintain or revise their own processes and data. New software processes or applications can be easily implemented by end users without intervention by your internal or external ICT employees. Each of the three annual updates can be installed in less than 15 minutes. Our helpdesk is available year-round during normal business hours to assist your ICT department or key users with both technical as well as functional questions.

8. Very short cost recovery period (R.O.I)

Thanks to the quick implementation, extremely low internal maintenance cost, democratic pricing and the flexibility and broad functionality of the software, not only do you recover the cost of the purchased or hired Vivaldi Quality management software in a very short time... it then even starts earning you money!

As a partner of Vivaldi Software for Bulgaria, Rinamar has trained staff to assist the all life cycle of the aplication - from planning, through implementation of the system and its installation, starting up and maintenance the system after start.

You can find our brochure of the product here.
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