Restructuring of business processes


Services offered

  • Analysis and optimization of business processes
  • Restructuring of units, departments and complete structures
  • Consulting on strategic and operational planning
  • Optimization of operational activities

The importance of business processes

Business processes are the main driver of work in an organization. Good business processes are a guarantee that things happen quickly, reliably and in a quality manner, and bad processes guarantee numerous problems and difficulties, and low visibility in the working of the organization.

The business processes in an organization do not necessarily have to be formalized. However the bigger the company, the higher the need for clear and efficient rules.

The look for an optimal process is a basic operating goal for every organization. To achieve it various means can be used - most often new business IT systems, aimed at improving the work. However, if we do not change anything in our way of work, just the system, in which we register it, this investment of time and money is not very reasonable.

The initial analysis and later change and improvement of internal processes is almost always an overlooked factor in the implementation of any business IT system. At the same time its successful execution is key both for the success of the implementation of the system - the analysis of processes is very important for it, as well as for the better work after the implementation of the system - the change of way of work is the factor, giving the organization the opportunity to gain on the new system.


The need for optimization

In today's business the need for optimization is constant and on almost all levels. This optimization must be done both because of the constant change of the business environment, as well as because of the release of new technological means, leading to better results.

The choice of optimization strategy and means of optimization is often non-trivial, especially about IT decisions. The fact is however, that IT systems can to a great deal ease and simplify your work, making processes more direct and with higher speed of operation.


RINAMAR's knowledge and experience

1. We have knowledge and experience with a wide companies in a wide variety of business areas - various productions, wholesale, retail, logistics, IT, Internet, advertising, printing, automation, construction, as well as in the area of services. We can analyze the condition of business process in your organization, as well as offer a way of optimizing them based on the conducted analysis.

2. We can restructure and optimize your organization structure, internal reporting, goals and goal setting process, so that you can achieve better results.

3. We can consult you on the issue of choosing a class and a specific business IT system which will be suitable for your organization, as well as help you throughout the whole cycle of implementing the system.

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