Quality of work

  • RINAMAR has experience with companies, operating in a variety of businesses, including production, distribution, marketing, services, publishing, information technologies, Internet.
  • RINAMAR has experience with different types of business projects, including ERP, CRM, BI, IT infrastructure, virtualization, business project management, optimization and automation of business processes, system integration, mobile devices, business and financial modeling, restructuring, financial analysis and valuation, reporting.
  • RINAMAR offers high quality of work - successful projects, amongst which are some of the most complex and innovative ones of their type in the country.


  • We have our own methodology, comprising the complete process of executing a project - from the choice of solution, through negotiations and supplier choice, definition of requirements, development and testing to supporting the solution.
  • We offer flexible solutions, based on the customer needs and the real problems, that should be solved. Our approach is based on the principle of finding the best solution from business point of view, giving the best value for its users.
  • We follow constantly the local and international experience, industry trends in business and IT, so that we can offer the best solutions for our customers.

Advantages of external vs. internal management

  • We offer high quality of work and high probability of success of the project or task, as well as focus on the real business needs to achieve the highest positive effect with minimal resources.
  • You do not have to look for expensive specialist, whose skills and successes you can not easily evaluate, and whose time you can not always utilize well. We offer way of work on demand, minimizing costs when your needs are low.
  • RINAMAR offers a complete vision, based on real experience with projects, starting from the overall business position to the detailed steps, needed to be achieved for success.
  • RINAMAR offers possibilities for optimal distribution of resources and costs on projects and tasks. Here you can see a typical example of resource use on a project, which shows how very difficult it is to determine the correct number of people and to use them effectively in the different phases of the project, including its support after start.

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