Some of the projects completed by RINAMAR


Project Management and Consulting of ERP / CRM / BI

  • Consulting the process of selection and implementation of an ERP system.
  • Complete project management for the implementation of an ERP system and the design of the IT infrastructre for it.
  • Consulting of the process of negotiation, choice of optimal conditions of work and planning of implementation of an ERP system.
  • Support of the process of reaching best contract conditions, planning of the implementation of and ERP system for optimization of control of work.
  • Consulting of projects, on which for a variety of reasons are running over time or over budget.
  • Optimization of licenses, IT infrastructure and resources for the implementation of business software and systems.

Business Process Modelling and Optimization projects

  • Complete analysis of the business processes of a company, preparation of detailed report with the processes, together with recommendations for process improvement and automation within the company.
  • Analysis of a specific part of operations of a company, preparation of recommendations for future development and after project overview of the process.
  • Optimization of business processes, improvement of effectiveness and efficiency of work.
  • Design of business processes for the purpose of implementation of a business solution.
  • Consulting of the process of implementation of a ready-made business solutions, consulting and design of specialized business solution for the purposes of the client.
  • Restructuring of the company, analysis of existing condition, definition of new strategic and operational goals, meeting of the goals by redesigning of organization, departments, positions, goals and execution by the team.
  • Analysis and restructuring of financial department to optimize work, selection of personnel, decrease of risk and building an optimal system of overview and control of financial processes.
  • Design and implementation of reports and system of reporting on financial and operational level, covering the entire activities of the company.

Marketing Management projects

  • Preparation of strategic marketing plan for a new product on the market, preparation of product introduction, consulting on the product launch.
  • Outsourcing of marketing services and corporate identity. Preparation and writing of PR materials, design of ads, billboards, posters, calendars, leaflets and certificates. Support and SEO optimization of a web site.

IT Management and Consulting projects

  • Complete IT Management of a company company. The service includes setting of the course of development of the IT infrastructure and the team, management of internal IT team, analysis and optimization of IT infrastructure and personnel, current reporting and links to the other departments, development, as well as launch of new IT services.
  • Preparation of complete analysis of the IT infrastructure and recommendations for its development in line with the strategy of the company. The analysis includes network connections, active and passive equipment, servers, storages, mobile computers and workstations, operating systems, applications, business systems, contract agreements, internal standards and practices, IT team, responsibilities of the staff, business processes and rules, etc.

Vivaldi Solftware

  • Implementation of Vivaldi Software solution for the purpose of encompassing the entire documentation flow of the company, management of business processes, overview and control of ISO 9001 procedures and documentation.

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