Analysis of the IT infrastructure


Services offered

  • Analysis, documentation and optimization of IT infrastructure
  • Analysis and valuation of risk
  • High-level design of IT infrastructure

The importance of IT infrastructure

Today's business processes rely to a great extent on IT for their execution, overview and control. IT are at the basis of company communications - from mobile phones, through e-mail and web solutions, to specialized solutions like CRM, videoconferencing, etc., today almost all communications of the company goes through IT based tools and systems.

This means that the IT infrastructure of the company must be reliable and secure, and in case of problems - there should be a clear solution scheme. The IT infrastructure must also meet modern trends and standards, so that the company can compete successfully on the market. This all makes IT infrastructure into one of the most important pillars for company development.

That is why understanding IT infrastructure, its problems and advantages, its weaknesses and the direction, that must be taken for its development, is one of the most important factors for success of the company.


How RINAMAR can help you

We can make a complete analysis of your IT infrastructure, that includes:

  • Analysis of Internet connectivity, WAN and LAN connections
  • Analysis of server infrastructure, server rooms, storage and connectivity
  • Computing state - laptops, desktops, tables, smart phones and devices.
  • Analysis of operating systems, system and operating software
  • Printers, multifunctional devices, other periphery
  • Business software and systems
  • Analysis of policies of installation, updates, security and protection
  • Web applications and systems
  • Team, budgeting and planning
  • IT processes and standards
  • Detailed recommendations for development

If you want we can execute in practice all recommendations, that we make, so that we can develop your IT infrastructure and IT team and increase you business efficiency, speed and success.

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